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The Nature of Particles

21 Aug
Radiation Scan

Radiation Scan (Photo credit: FastLizard4)

Classical physics (Rayleigh–Jeans law, black l...

Black body radiation for T=287K, which is the ...

Black body radiation for T=287K, which is the temperature of the earth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Black body curves of Planck for vario...

English: Black body curves of Planck for various temperatures and comparison with classical theory of Rayleigh-Jeans. Italiano: Confronto fra le curve del corpo nero della teoria di Planck e della teoria classica di Rayleigh-Jeans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The nature of particle.

1.Thomson concluded that those cathode rays were made up of particles.

2. Max Planck was trying to find out a model to understand the way in which a black body emits radiation.

3. Black body is perfect emitter and absorber of electromagnetic radiation.

4. He found that this was possible only if he had assumed radiations were emitted in packets.

5. Plank’s idea was not understood until Einstein, 1905 showed that black body radiation could be understood better if it was assumed that the radiation itself was quantised,  consisting of particle like packets of energy.

6.Each is referred to as photon.

Ultraviolet catastrophe:  Classical physics can predict that black body radiation based on long wavelength but not at short wavelengths, leading a disagreement that physicist calls as U.V catastrophe.


 Radiation Flux —Do the worked out example.

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